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Decide that I want it more than I am afraid of it (read all 16 entries…)

So I changed the name of this goal because it reflect more about what I believe. The Old goal (Feel the fear, do it anyways) just talked about WHAT I wanted to do. This articulates more WHY I do it. Even though I may be afraid, nervous, or hesitate about something, if I value it, I will push through that fear. It’s more helpful to say this phrase to myself in the actual moment than the other goal. For example, I was vervous about attending my first professional conference this past Friday but I pushed through that nervousness becuase I WANTED the experience.


joie de vivre I'm back now

I like the new name better

I’d put it in the first person, though:

Decide I want it more than I am afraid of it

Putting it in the first person will help you own it. Using the “you” language distances you from achieving it.

In fact, maybe take it one step further. How about adding

... and after I decide I want it, I do it!

or is that too long of a goal name?

Cherry87 loving this Sunny Sunday

That’s a great suggestion, Joie! I’ll def put it in first person.

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