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chaihua1 moving is relaxing, resting makes tired of

know what kind of man I want n dont want to marry in 50-list(and what kind of wife I want to be) (read all 42 entries…)
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a.his left shoulder must belong to me. no woman can take that place from my husband, no matter how sad she is, you can use his right shoulder, but the left side close to his heart must only belong to me.

b.the 23:00 to 7:00 night time is always only belong to me, no matter what you feel, what you do, who you like, where you stay at daytime, I need your comfort at that night time, at least 23:00 to 7:00, i know its human natural to experience new lifestyle and friends, but i need safety at night, be in your heart, by yourside. No matter how buzy you are, who need your comfort at that time like best female friend or your female boss, I must be feeling we are together at that time. you shouldn’t stay with other women(or gays!),answer their phones or relpy their message, let the girls find other single men, or talk about it any time at daytime, now you need rest( and your wife need your heart to stay inside)! this is my rule,or otherwise I will find other man, or I wont be by your side when you need me very much.

c.to be continued



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