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DivineSublime All Will Be Well

Divine Sublime’s Wonderland: lose 39 lbs in 2012, 153.5 lbs in total (read all 103 entries…)

I thought about this yesterday, and I wondered about this. I’ve been losing weight for twenty months, and NO ONE from my original online weight loss support group is still there, apart from one guy. They have all fallen off the wagon or just vanished. And so when I posted on Sunday, people were really nice, but they had all joined in the last month or two. And I just felt so odd about it. Kind of – I don’t know how to phrase this – most of them won’t be in it for the long haul with me. That’s it. It’s a feeling that this journey is one I make alone, I have to dig deep. I get lots of support and encouragement, which is lovely. But it’s not a shared journey.

Loads of people have seen me lose a lot of weight, and wanted to join in. LOADS of people. Online, in life, at various forums, even a couple here. But not one person has stuck at it with me. A month, two, maybe three (rarely). But not long term. So it’s lonely. The plodding on day after day. I get company for a while, but it’s always people in that first month or two. It’s hard to describe what it feels like now. Nearly two years, and I’m still going, but I’d like to talk to someone about how it feels. But everyone’s experience is mostly that first month or two, or losing it very quickly.

This sounds quite self-pitying, and it’s not meant to be. I’m so pleased to have lost 113 lbs and be still at it. I just wish I knew someone similar to me. Anyway, am sticking at it like you would not believe. I am entirely focused and determined to give it my absolute best and lose weight.

Onwards and downwards…:)


Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous Sufficiency 2014 is My Year to FLOURISH! Thank you, Heavenly Papa!


I saw some women on YT a few days ago that have been on this journey of weight loss for quite some time. Granted, some did not lose as much as you have, but they continue on the journey, to continue to improve their physique and fitness. One woman, I saw it took her 5 yrs.

For me, I’ve been on this journey for more than 10 yrs. I started at 29 yrs old and now am 44 yrs old. I’ve lost and regained like the same 25 lbs over and over.

Each time, I learn something different and make adjustments. This time, I didn’t realize that all the changes I made each of those times has helped me make this time fairly easy compared to all the other times.

I do have my kids, some people from my church, and one of my best friends has followed my progress through the years and have cheered me on, even when I regained everything back and then some.

One of the things that I have learned from watching others, like what you already wrote, it’s digging deep within ourselves to find that reason to keep going on even if no one else believes in or wants to support you.

That’s sorta like the way about my stock trading. After all the pitfalls and mistakes I’ve made, few believe in me, but it’s me that still believes in what I want to do.

Weight loss before this time has always been a very slow process of maybe releasing 1/4 pound a week, working out like a madwoman a lot every week. I don’t think I’ve personally met or known anyone that has had to work so hard to lose so little all those years of more than a decade of doing this.

I have volumes of workout journals.

113 pounds is a lot to lose. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. Even the 20 lbs I’ve lost, though it’s been relatively easy, I have worked hard to get these 20 lbs pounds being nearly perfect with my food, with super intense workouts.

Do you have a goal weight? Goal size? or other type of goal?

I don’t comment often, in fact, rarely, but I am cheering you on. You are doing a great job. It’s all those little choices that DO add up and for you, they have added up to 113 lbs. I’m in total awe of you.

DivineSublime All Will Be Well

Thank you!

What a lovely comment, I really appreciate you taking the time out to write so much. Genuinely, it’s hugely meaningful.

I don’t have a goal weight as such – I have a long term goal, I guess, but I think it will take me another two years to get there slowly. I’m a plodder, lol!!!

Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous Sufficiency 2014 is My Year to FLOURISH! Thank you, Heavenly Papa!


I don’t think you’re getting their slowly, at least compared to 1/4 pound a week or less for me. LOL.

Just wondering, are you taking measurements, photos, and/or videos? If not, why don’t you start. You don’t have to display them publically.

I started doing weekly videos, though, I am way too chicken to put them on YT. Thought about creating a separate ID just for that, but, I was afraid someone might recognize my voice, bikini, or my necklace that I allows wear that I sometimes forget to take off.

For some of the women, that’s how they got people to encourage them. They developed a following on YT. That following does help motivate, I would think.

When I get down another 5-10 lbs, I’m going to put some of my stuff on FB in my statuses. My health/fitness blog is on my FB, but only a handful of people really go to it.

When I put it in my statuses, I get more hits on my blog.

Did I ever ask you this, but do you exercise?

I’m finding myself commenting more, as I can understand some of the thoughts you might be going through.

DivineSublime All Will Be Well

Hi there

- Yes, I’m taking lots of measurements and photos. I’ve been doing this for twenty months. I take a daily photo, I am with Slimming World online, I enter my weight faithfully every single Sunday no matter what (there are 88 entries here somewhere!). I’m okay on marking progress! I just don’t share the photos publicly which is a shame, because the difference is incredible.

- I’m very honest and consistent; I don’t hide from the weekly weigh in. I’ve written so much about this goal, and it’s all here somewhere! (I think it’s in last year’s goal, hundreds of entries!).

- I walk, that’s my big exercise. Struggling a little just now for a variety of reasons, but I usually walk an hour a day

I find it difficult to be honest to identify with people who have comparatively small amounts of weight to lose. I’m slowly coming to realise that it’s about me, not about how other people find it / do it. I was morbidly obese, this is my shot at changing it. I think I’m in a different ball park (not in a good way) to someone who has 50 lbs to lose, even. I struggle with this quite a lot. Maybe I’ll write about it more later…:)

Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous Sufficiency 2014 is My Year to FLOURISH! Thank you, Heavenly Papa!


I’m seriously not on 43T all day long and have been awhile a number of times, but it seems like our timing is on the same schedule. LOL.

Walking is great exercise! I love walking. Good that you do that!

In some ways, I think we are pretty different, maybe in terms of weight needing to be lost. However, my journey has been excruciatingly challenging to the nth degree. When I embarked on this journey at 29 yrs old, I figured the maybe 30-35 lbs I wanted to lose would go away quickly, as I had already been an avid exerciser since I was 17-18 yrs old.


The pounds NEVER, until 9.5 wks ago, came off easily. Often I would have to workout every day for 1-2 hrs, maybe more, 5-7 days/wk to lose nothing the first 6-9 weeks. NOTHING!

Then, gradually I would begin to lose a little and I mean a little, not even close to a pound usually. Granted, I’m eating what I thought was good stuff, not prepackaged, no diet shakes, no pills, just real foods.

I counted calories, fiber, sugar, fat, protein, carbs, weight watcher points, all this stuff. Before they had those calorie programs or sites that do a lot for you, I kept an Excel journal of every food or drink I put in my mouth and their nutritional facts.

I logged all my measurements weekly, photos, weigh-ins and recorded in Excel. Quarterly I would get hydrostatically dunked underwater to check my bodyfat.

The volumes of workout journals I filled were tremendous, the hours spent at the gym, cycling or running outside, walking, exercising wherever. However, I never looked like a slender, fit person.

I even had a woman at church comment that she thought I was lying about all my exercise until she saw a PBS special about fit fat people who are challenged to drop the bodyfat/weight.

Honestly, I don’t know of another person that has worked so hard to lose weight but not lose it. I didn’t know that I probably have intolerances or allergies to corn, rice, wheat, starches. That would’ve saved me so much heartache, pain, injuries, etc.

I’m an example of a person that has seemingly done things that other people would easily shed weight on, but not me. It’s not that I didnt’ work hard, because I did. I still work hard.

Probably the effort I’ve put in, for the average person, I probably would’ve been losing 2 lbs/wk. That would equate to over 1300 pounds in the past 13 yrs. I just turned 44, so I’m not counting that as 14 yrs.

I didn’t want to do my 2nd workout today. My body was tired, sore, and hurting. But, I made the commitment. I wasn’t injured or anything, just tired. I knew what I needed to do . . . rest for a short period, refuel, and go at it.

Maybe the remainder of the 32 pounds I have left to get flat abs seems vain, and not a lot of weight, but I have worked hard changing, modifying my diet, reading, researching, blood tests, physicals at the doctor’s, and a host of other things. I have spent years and years doing this.

My ex-husband told me to give up, but it’s my health and my life. I’m glad I didn’t give up and choose some route that I could not live with.

If we look back at my habits over the past decade, they really aren’t bad, rather good. Like, I don’t drink soda and haven’t for a very long time. I eat whole, single ingredient foods. Rarely do I eat out. I mainly cook or prepare all our meals and have for quite some time now.

Believe me, I often felt it was so unfair. Someone gives up soda and drops 20 lbs in 2 weeks, while I eat non-processed foods, count all these calories, do all these things, workout like a madwoman, and have to be so disciplined in like a 100 things and it takes me a whole year to lose that 20 lbs. How is that fair? They didn’t even have to exercise. All they did was give up soda. I didn’t even drink soda!

Everyone is different. Maybe had I not been an avid exerciser, I would’ve weighed triple what I weigh now or more. I don’t know. But, I can tell you that many times or usually, I didn’t want to work out, especially on those days I’m sore and tired. But, I did.

This hasn’t been an easy journey for me, but I am glad things are clicking for me, because I was coming to the end of my ropes.

I’m glad you are honest & consistent about your weekly tracking progress. You won’t regret doing this. I’ll have to go back and checkout your entries.

Right now I’m just consumed with this. Really, I don’t normally write this much in commenting on other people’s stuff, but I guess I’m a liar when it comes to this particular goal of yours.

I love numbers, graphs and charts. I’ve taken some of my measurements and put charts to them. It’s sorta fun looking. But, I’m a nerd. LOL.

(This comment was deleted.)

Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man

Have you ever seen the show “Eddie Iz Running”?

It’s about Eddie Izzard, who is a well known comedian, that one day decided he was going to run all over the UK. He got himself a team together, bought a spiffy new pair of running shoes, and proceeded to run 43 marathons in 51 days. He was not a runner before this. His barrel-chested body is obviously not naturally built for running. But he’s a determined s.o.b. and he just gritted his teeth and DID it. By the end you can see his whole face and body had lost any extra fat and he was just a miracle of accomplishment despite massive odds.

I’m not saying there is a lot of comparison between what you are doing and what he did, except that sometimes a few folks would join Eddie for a little while, running beside him as he passed through a town. But in all weathers, all terrains, even past injuries and questionable nutritional advice it was EDDIE every day who put on his socks and shoes and hit the road.

I just thought if you hadn’t already seen the show you might enjoy it. You can find most of the episodes on YouTube if you look, though I wasn’t able to locate episode one for you. Still, any piece of the story you can find, you’ll probably find inspiring. He’s an amazing person, doing an amazing thing.

Just like you.

DivineSublime All Will Be Well

Sounds terrific

I love your comparison, I found it very meaningful. Eddie Izzard is fab, and I know what you mean about him being inspirational.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments, it means a lot to me!

I'm with you

3.5 months so far and plan on doing it for the rest of my life. I want my life back, the way it was @ 150 lbs. I don’t have some majOr progress to report so far – it’s just 15 lbs and the progress is not steady at all, and i have no idea how my body works. I’ll be eating the same stuff, having same amount of physical activity and then one week I lose 7 lbs, and then 0 lbs for the next 3 weeks. I decided to disregard it as long as it is going the right direction. And every time I lose my way in this journey, I come back to read your story. Best of luck to you!

DivineSublime All Will Be Well

Well done

Losing 15 lbs is fantastic, and it’s better to keep plodding forward no matter what. I’m always please to read about other people’s progress, love hearing about it!

Thank you so much for taking the time out to comment…:)

maga2010 ♥ Live & Learn ♥

dear DS!

there is a zillion people on the weight loss struggle around the world, me included, of course… I have been on a diet (sticking to it and falling off it) for 25 years now…
I am sure it is lonely to be the only one sticking strictly to it for so long… but, hey, just be happy it is you!! It’s a blessing not a curse. Enjoy!!
You are a powerful inspiration to all of us.

DivineSublime All Will Be Well

Thank you Maga!!!

You’re absolutely right of course, I am glad to be on this journey, I was just thinking about the lonely aspect of it. But it’s a good place to be in, totally!!!

DS x

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