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If you could do anything you wanted for a living, what would it be?

I mean do you have a passion you would love to indulge in, something that you would look forward to do everyday? Have you found that already? Are you trying to find it? What would your perfect job look like?


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Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous Sufficiency 2014 is My Year to FLOURISH! Thank you, Heavenly Papa!


This question has been asked numerous times and sometime I’ll answer and sometimes not. I just feel like it again right now.

If you could do anything you wanted for a living, what would it be? I’m assuming this is for pay or to make money from, but it’s to be an independent trader in the stock, futures, currency markets. I was doing that, but, it’s a long story. I’m working towards getting back that.

I love having my own space, own hours, no boss, can work anywhere in the world. It gives me freedom to raise my children as I see fit, have a good quality of life & freedom with my time.

That’s my very short answer.

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)


Sorry, didn’t notice the subject has already been explored… Thanks for replying all the same. All the best getting back to being a trader. Seems great. Freedom. Mmmhhh. That speaks to me!

molliemoonlight We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side


or this…

or this…

(or similar)

Seriously. :D

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)


re-connecting with the child in us, eh? What’s the first picture though? Acting? Singing? Theatre-ing? :P

molliemoonlight We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side

It's just meant to be

a visual representation of theatrical acting. :)

gottawonder Loves her tortoise!

As I've said before,

working with people bringing therapy animals to them, would be pretty sweet.

Having a bookstore with cats in it, and big couches in big windows would be excellent.

I am working on selling more of what I make, and though I don’t think you could ever call it “a living”, that is an enjoyable thing to do. I do it, whether I’m making any money or not.

There are lots of things I could do that I could be very happy. Working in a greenhouse, working professionally with horses, even just working at a stable, an artist, or even retail, if it was the right store.

So much depends on who you are working for and working with, how much pressure there is, and so on.

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

You're spoiled for choice then!

I know a few people who don’t even know what they like, because they are so used to doing what other people want that somewhere along the line they’ve lost that connection with themselves… I’m liking the therapy animals thing by the way :)

(This comment was deleted.)

iamcarson Wag More; Bark Less!

When I grow up and have UNLIMITED money

I’d love to be a movie critic. or a window-washer on really tall buildings.

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)


But do you really need unlimited money first?

Legerd the crooked tree is getting closer to the big day!

A photographer

I’d love to spend all day taking pictures of nude models (tasteful ones of course) and experimenting (with different lenses and filters of course) and posting my work on my own website (a reputable artist’s site of course).

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)


Your clientele would be mature of course :P

Legerd the crooked tree is getting closer to the big day!

Of course...

Art lovers and intellectuals.

(This comment was deleted.)

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)


Keep thinking. It will dawn on you sooner or later…It’s probably right under your nose…:)

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot. Please don't take lack of response or reciprocation personally!


There are so many things I am interested in, I think that’s been part of my problem. Today I think my perfect jobs might look like…

1) Vagabond Traveler. But somehow managing to do so and maintain some degree of comfort and security. But I’d want one of those sticks to carry with a handkerchief tied to the end holding all of my belongings. And a harmonica. And a pipe. Yes. Most definitely.

2) Professional Comforter. Just giving hugs and back rubs and and making tea for and taking naps with people who need it. I’d need some sort of grant to live on, because I would never want to charge someone who needed comfort.

3) Theoretical Physicist in a Big Recliner. Just lay back and read and look at the clouds and ponder how it all fits together and pontificate on all of my paisley-brained ideas as if they make sense and anyone cares. And somehow people would think I was so genius at this that they would give me money to live on so I could do it all the time.

4) Master Smell Maker. Um…the good kind. Just having bottles and bottles of natural oils and lotions and potions to mix together into wonderful stuff. And I would create smells just especially for people based on the smell I thought matched their personality. So you’d probably better be nice to me.

5. Head Chef in Charge of Chutneys, Spreads, and Magical Ice Cream Flavors. Of course, I would have minions to do my bidding when it came to the tedious work of chopping and roasting and peeling. My energy must be reserved for imagining flavors and tasting spoons and giving the final stir.

A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or Other "I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner..."

Chutneys, Spreads and Magical Ice Cream Flavours

When the sous chef was a lad, he envisioned his first ice-cream flavour: honeydew with candied rose petals. I did not dare be daunted and for that he believed me to be special.

The resultant ice-cream was wonderful.

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot. Please don't take lack of response or reciprocation personally!

It sounds

delicately decadent!

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

quite sophisticated!

I can see that flavour attracting high end customers with lots of spare cash. Or maybe its just me :-P

molliemoonlight We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side

These sound like

the best jobs EVER!

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)


I see that cubicle slavery and the other rat race forms of business prevalent nowadays havent stiffled your ability to dream! That is admirable. Or is it that you have already broken your shackles and live by your own terms somehow? In any case, it might sound crazy but I think these dreams can be fulfilled. It would take some fund raising and hard work but im sure they re achievable. Seriously.

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot. Please don't take lack of response or reciprocation personally!

Thanks for the encouragement!

I am fortunate that I don’t have a job that keeps me tied to a cubicle, though as with all jobs, it has its share of major frustrations.

I find ways to fit in some of these things in small ways, but yes, a job where I could do one all the time would make for a happy Nic!

Bedhead2 Is celebrating MOON AVATAR WEEK a little early!


Number 3 reminds me of a friend of mine. She would go down to the beach and set up a table with a male friend of hers. They would just put up a little sign that said ‘Free Advice’.
They would stay there for hours giving free advice to whoever needed any. I think she had a lot of fun doing this and met some cool people!

Actually, I just found her friend online!!
They made a little short out of their free advice table!

1st episode


nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot. Please don't take lack of response or reciprocation personally!



Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)


Pretty good!


I had the good fortune to be able to pursue just creative pursuits for several years. My job at the time in the healthcare field was becoming increasingly stressful (helping people was wonderful; the problem wasn’t the job itself, but some behind the scenes dynamics due to a staffer with substance abuse issues, and very poor management…) so my then partner suggested taking some time off. It allowed me to explore my creativity in ways that opened me up like a human sunflower, I just blossomed wide open! It was the most beautiful time. I landscaped & gardened part of the year, (w/my stepfather’s business) and the other part created so many things that I started doing small scale fairs and bazaars to sell my wares. (Mostly with my beeswax products, but some photography, some fiber arts and some beadwork.) In the winter, I would spend some days dipping candles by hand over the stove, to sell at Xmas time. On those days my house smelled like I imagine my own personal version of heaven might…..

I still create, I always will. But my current job for da gub’mint doesn’t allow for as much free time within which to give my creative self free reign.

I guess that’s my answer. I’d like to be able to be creative for a living. I wish I could make a living as a chandler of beeswax. With my own hives.

Or, a travel writer. A vintner. A percussionist. A massage therapist. An herbalist. A chef. Or all the above. Hee. (I kind of am all that already, but at dilettante or perpetual novice level, not professional level.)

I often joke that I need more than one of me to do all I want to do with this lifetime, and that there are times when I am so filled with creative energy I hardly know what to do with it all. But then, we all have universes within…..

(This comment was deleted.)

I always wonder

what life would be like on this planet if we utilized more of our brain capacity…..

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

I'd like to think that

We’d be so fulfilled there wouldn’t be space in our lives for negative behaviour like war (in all its forms) for starters!

(This comment was deleted.)

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

That or...

We would tend to date people with the same interests as us perhaps…

Are you kidding me V?

If the average person thought more about what they did I’d be a raging nymphomaniac! I’d be in love with everyone! Oh….wait…..I already am…....

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

Hmmmmm indeed!

I was looking up the word “creativity” in the dictionary and guess what it says? “BeeQue” ! :P

My goodness me, your creativity is kind of in a league of its own!!! You know what? Once again, I think you could make that lifestyle work for you. If you wanted to badly. No?


Ha ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha!! Flatterer!

More, more! Hee hee.

That’s nice of you to say, Didy…......and perhaps one day I can do that again. Right now being a midlevel bureaucrat pays the bills. (It’s not entirely soul-less, I assure you….we help a lot of people, and I get every holiday known to humankind off, and paid! Woot!) Beeswax is becoming scarcer too….what with bees in such trouble, poor beasties. I used to buy from the largest apiary in this region; now they’ll only sell to larger operations that can buy thousands of pounds of wax, bulk, to my several hundred pounds a year. The larger operations that dip via machine have effectively eeked my kind, the hand dippers, out. I did find some recently from a local beekeeper though! Five pounds worth of waxy beauteous gold…....

Did you answer your own question yet?

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

My take on things

You still have an opening for your Beeswax operation! But in your position with such a good job, i’d have less motivation…Saying that though, you still got a plan B just in case.

You’re right, haven’t answered my own question so here goes!

I am a dabbler, a grasshopper by nature. so I cant see myself doing just one thing. I want to try my hands at different things:

I want to make music that appeals to the masses without compromising my integrity (music is my no 1 passion)

I want to write a sci fi book that becomes a best seller (Writing is another passion, although i should devote more time to it really)

I want to travel the world and speak as many as the local languages as possible, to really sample and appreciate the different cultures. (Languages is another passion of mine, maybe I could use this and be an international speaker on getting in touch with our laid back selves and unlock our creativity lol)

And the list goes on…At some point I want to go back to drawing comic strips, be an entrepreneur, perhaps also a philologist, then a scientist.

Oh boy, I need more than a lifetime too! :-P

A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or Other "I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner..."

I already got to do what I wanted

for a living right from the get-go. Success was due the matters of dumb luck, and, as was once explained to me enough times to penetrate my thick Luddite skull, of taking advantage of favourable exchange rates. It was – and to an extent still is – a once in a lifetime thing.

I think I’d like to have a cottage industry making one-of-a-kind sculpture and/or some wild painting involving the culinary arts, large patchwork canvases and sterling silver wire.

I want to learn to write poems on the side.

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

That is rare!

Favourable exchange rates, huh? I’m curious…. It involves lots of maths doesn’t it? :P

A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or Other "I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner..."

The Arts

It involved one’s being Canadian at a time when one’s U.S. cheques were cashed (an underhanded way of saying one’s personal success should be redefined; it had little to do with hard work or ability as an artist but everything to do with circumstance).

I was/am lucky anyway!

tikini wikini It's tiki time


It became a sort of game style thing for me at some point. For several years I sort of vagabonded about making money mostly as a masseuse. Some fiber art. Eventually the stress of too little money combined with the natural oppression that beset women who rubbed bodies at that time and place overcame me.

Eventually the ordinary desk job I ran away to became something vibrant and exciting. The internet happened and my job became tracking global criminal networks. The device on my desk became a super duper pooper scooper.

You can only do that sort of thing for so long before the wear and tear on the psyche and the body becomes too much. I did this very mundane thing and took a test my company offered that helped you discover what you really want to do. Of course by this time in my life, all my early dreams had devolved into the weird puzzle solving work I had been doing, but I remembered when I wanted truly to be a National Geographic photographer.

So this test showed me a couple things about myself that I can’t say I knew. One is that I am a risk taker – more of a one than 99% of others who took this silly test. How much the test showed and how much sort of came to me as I thought things over is lost in time at this point, but I realized I wanted to come back to Hawaii. And live a different life.

So my sweetie and I sold our house and moved, built a treehouse, started a wedding business, and live beside the ocean. Right now. We indulge the vagabond by moving every few months. We are working our way around the island. The wedding business is intimate weddings only, so we don’t have a million things to balance.

So is this a passion? Not like the crime thing was a passion. I am doing photography for money and pleasure. I write wedding ceremonies. I get to create atmosphere and scene and plant orchids in trees and watch them bloom. I move freely between ocean and rainforest. Passion is something else, and oddly, I think it has to do with a time in life. I sit here and watch the shadows of clouds crossing the ocean. My dogs are anxious for me to stop this and come play with them. It is hard to envision a happier way to live.

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

my flabber has never been so gasted :-P

That is amazing.I’d love to bask in the sun, have a little business and stay out of the rat race…
By the way I always thought you were a writer…because your descriptions are pretty elaborate, actually it makes sense that you are a photographer in hindsight, you seem very visual…oh, that risk taking side of you is a predisposition to business and investments. I envy you, i’m rather risk averse! :-P

tikini wikini It's tiki time

somehow it is all about being true to one's self

So you would embrace being risk averse, and grateful you are not drawn to the hair raising aspects of choosing an edgy path.

The amazing part for me was realizing that the risk taking is me made it suddenly more tolerable.

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

Thanks for the advice

I definitely want to stay true to myself…although I still want to grow :-)

Hawk~ History's mystery

It's not so much

what kind of work I’d like to do. Just something simple, that provides at least a little job satisfaction, and that will pay me a pension of, say, something on the order of five grand a month.

Beginning next week.

EDIT: Oops, did I say five grand a month? I mean five grand per week.

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

well you know whats coming.

What is it? And if you get that kind of moneu or even half, you gotta share it!!! :-P

Hawk~ History's mystery

Well, you see...

that’s the point. For that kind of reward, there’s not much I wouldn’t do.


tikini wikini It's tiki time

So say you

For that kind of money you’d likely have to give up your ramblin’ ways, or at least get yourself a fancy boat or some such.

Hawk~ History's mystery

Perhaps I wasn't clear

The pension would begin next week. Along with the retirement.


Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)


It’s not some kind of hustling i hope!

(This comment was deleted.)

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)


I like! Whats a kitty novel? Are the character kitties? :-P


and they are Emus and Bees as well. Welcome to the jungle…...

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

i see....

I ll check it out! :-)


we can get a little raucous. You know how it is….a keyboard, a monitor, things can get crazy….....

wren You'll not see nothing like the mighty wren!

perfect job for me...

I would like to be a veterinary acupuncturist with a thriving practice.

JWillow waiting for the fog to lift

and a piano

in the clinic for you to play and calm any nervous patients!:-)

wren You'll not see nothing like the mighty wren!

Great idea!

That would be lovely!

wembleyheads is swamped this semester

Most certainly

I’d find a way to bring my kitties to you for treatment! What a tenderness in your heart for animals <3

wren You'll not see nothing like the mighty wren!

If only the field of veterinary acupuncture

had existed 20 years ago. At this point in my life, I’m not in a good situation to move to an area with a veterinary school and dedicate myself to the years of training that would be required. I would sure love to help your kitties and all the other deserving animals!

wembleyheads is swamped this semester

Wondered how long it takes

and wound up at the American Association of Veterinary Acupuncture trying to find out… and landed on a directory of vet acupuncturists. I’ve considered taking my kitty with GI trouble to one here, but wasn’t sure how to find one. Thanks for the push in that direction!

wren You'll not see nothing like the mighty wren!

You're welcome

and good luck!

My only experience with acupuncture is with my dog, Sadie. It really helped her a lot with arthritis pain and also the nausea from chemo.

Bedhead2 Is celebrating MOON AVATAR WEEK a little early!

My cousin

Does Veterinary acupuncture.


Cool, Wren! I didn’t know veterinary medicine incorporated acupuncture! I can see you being very good at something in the healing arts field…....

Hawk~ History's mystery

I've had experience

as a reverse pet accupuncturist.

Ever had your dogs come home after an unfortunate encounter with porcupines?

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)


Oops, shouldnt really laugh should i. Poor dogs :-P


not mine….....but my brothers…...oy. Ohhh, the poor Lab.Two of us holding him (the dog) while bro pulled out the quills….eeek. Then that lil brazen beastie (porcupine) hid out under the back porch, like it was it’s own personal condo for days......”Oh yeah I think I’ll hang out here and STICK IT TO ‘EM SOME MORE!!!” Picture this….me, my bro, and two cousins, trying to coax it out into a pet carrier and trying NOT to get quilled….....eventually, it did go inside. But not without a few moments worthy of a Keystone Cops slapstick episode…..

Hawk~ History's mystery

mars v. venus

My ex and I had three large dogs when we moved to the mountains. They went crazy with the newfound freedom. A couple of weeks later they took off to recon the area. After five days, I had about given up on finding them. On the sixth day they showed up. The two males looked like they had grown walrus mustaches and beards, they had so many quills. The female was a little more subtle, until we realized her quills had punctured her mouth from the bottom side, gone through her tongue and into her palate, pinning her mouth shut.

We rushed her to the vet, of course, and incurred a bill we really couldn’t afford. (This was back in the poverty days.) Shasta learned her lesson, and never ran off again. Smart girl.

That leaves the two boys, Eiger and Boomer Allen. I was able to calm them and pull all their quills. It was a painful experience for us all, but lesson learned, right?


Wrong. These were male dogs, and when a male dog sees someone who hurt him last time, well this time things are gonna be different. Right?


Ha. The next time they came back with quills, I had to use pliers to take out each one. There was lots of whining, and an undercurrent of growling. Very faint growling, but it was there.

The next time (oh yes, they did it again) I took out Eiger’s quills but Boomer wasn’t having any of it. I had to take him to the vet, where they sedated him and cleaned him up. More $$$ down the drain.

The next time, Eiger came back just slightly damaged but Boomer was a mess. So, thinking maybe I had learned a lesson, I went to the vet and got a tranquilizer and tricked Boomer into eating it by stuffing it in a ball of cheese. 30 minutes later, Boomer was out. I moved him around a little to check, held another piece of cheese next to his nose…nothing. That boy was sawing some logs. So, I get the pliers and move them towards his bequilled nose…and he snaps at me! He’s still in la la land, but his subconscious is on guard!

Eventually, I gave up. (Boomer was part St. Bernard, and had some very intimidating, very large teeth.) So off to the vet we go. The vet had to peel back half of Boomer’s face to get all the quills, and then stitch him up again. The vet told us that he stopped counting after removing 700 quills.

That was the last time my dogs ate porcupines. Males can learn, it just takes us a little longer.


And oh yeah, remember Shasta? Well, when we took her in to have her spayed, what do you suppose the vet found when he made the incision? Yep. A quill. And this was two years after her encounter.

wren You'll not see nothing like the mighty wren!

animals respond really well to acupuncture.

Sadie had acupuncture treatment for her arthritis and ankylosing spondilitis, and it was amazing how much it helped her.

Beth Rad is reengaging with the working world

Kona also had

Acupuncture for his seizure disorder. He loved the vet and would lay on the bench calm and happy.

I have wanted to

try it myself….but I don’t currently have any issues that would warrant treatment.

I do use acupressure, tapping (sometimes referred to as EFT) all the time though, just because it feels soooooo good and is so effective, for example, stressors at work; I’ll do a cycle or two of tapping and it’s like instantaneous relief….Or I often use it just to relax more fully when I am already feeling good. I don’t use the same method EFT proscribes, with the “Even though I…” blah blah blah phrasing. That language turns me off, it sounds codependant and defeatist to me right from the get go, so I use my own language, often pray while I am doing it, or simply meditate. I may focus on something I want to release, but it’s less about a repetitive phrase and more about focusing on positive thinking, deep breathing etc. I find it works incredibly well, tapping. I often use it in conjunction with Reiki.

Someday though, I really do want to give acupuncture a try!

JWillow waiting for the fog to lift

too many things?

Great questions & thought-provoking to the point of my re-visiting my inane knack for thinking I’ll fail if I do what I really want to do!

Given, I’ve already done some amazing things in my life; had some incredible jobs and opportunities but I flit around ALOT! I get bored easily and constantly desire the time and space to be creative, which I can’t do in the mundane of an office block.

I love to travel, write alot, draw, take photos, consult, share, care, instigate and facilitate.

Hidden amidst my life-long dreams, I’ve always wanted my own little shop – something quirky, somewhere quirky – selling odd bits ‘n bobs, 2nd hand, artwork by local artists, books, trash & treasure!

And, at the top end of my list, I’d also say I’d love to be a Travel & Restaurant Reviewer!

Who knows what’s around the corner?

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

Never too many things!

Doesnt the adage go “the more the merrier”? Oh wait, it may mean something else …. But it applies in that sense too I think! Life is such a great journey when we embrace the possibilities it presents….Happy fliting! :-P


I am cheering on your life-long dreams!

This little quirky shop sounds amazing and you’d make a great owner of it :) And travel and restaurant reviewer is another job that is you’d be perfect at.
Hope it will be true one day!

JWillow waiting for the fog to lift

Oh thanks so much

for the encouragement and your belief in me Naladka. The vision of how I’d have a shop set up and what I’d sell is so vivid in my mind, I’ve even drawn up a floor plan!!
One day, I hope these dreams come true too!

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