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file my 2011 taxes (read all 2 entries…)
2 out of 3

Finished up my Federal and State today and e-filed them. That just leaves my local to do. I also need to figure out what I need to do extra for my state ones as TurboTax indicated that I had to submit a copy of my W-2, but it didn’t give me any explanation of how to do that.



The turbotax program will give you the form and address to mail the return to. I know ours does at work, although it’s not turbo tax, but I think turbotax tells you where to mail federal, so I’m assuming the state, too.

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The issue is it doesn’t tell me what I need to send. It made me fill out an extra form due to an employer holding out more taxes than due, and indicated I need to send the W-2, but then it didn’t indicate what all I need to send. Going to call my aunt who does this for a living to find out.


It should print out the state forms. Just mail in all that it prints other than your copy. I think there’s an option to just print the mail in return. Attach any w2s that have that state’s income on it. Some states only require one page to send in. Some more. My guess is that you won’t have too many pages. I’ll bet your aunt will know even the names of the forms.

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I e-filed, so that’s why I don’t know which documents need sent. The state accepted my return overnight, so I’m thinking I just won’t send anything and if they contact me then I’ll send it.

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