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Find my birth father
help finding my dad

all i know about him is that his name is jonathan medhurst that he from leicester and that he dated my mum in 1988.


Hello moomoo
i once had a old friend called Jonathan dewhurst and he came from kibworth leicestershire, not sure if that’s the same person?? If its not good luck with your search and i wish you all the best in finding him.
Ps what is your mums name.

thank you for your help

my mums name in jack daniels but she also had the name jack makow hope that you can help me with this and hope to hear from you again soon

Your mums name doesn’t ring a bell sorry.
Dont want to give you false hope can she remember wear she met him?is his surname diffently medhurst if so its not the one I no sorry.

thank u

she is not 100% on last name but she meet him in a club called fan club dont know if it even still there but i hope that this rings a bell she did have bright red hair at the time i think

Yeah unfortunate that dive is still there lol, a lot of years have gone pass to remember red hair.

43things-find my birth father
Just fyi, Might try registering and/or searching on biologicalfinder.com as an additional resource, its a free thing, best of luck to you also.

hope this can help

i now know that he when to lecister uni in 88-89 to doing computing


I want to:
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