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1RL She runs on steam.

Do not lose focus (read all 6 entries…)
Tally up the task list:
  • get organized
  • build a desk space
  • enjoy the outdoors, often
  • work out every day for an hour
  • take the dog out for a walk
  • plan a product design and start working
  • reduce cholesterol
  • stop eating red meat
  • eat vegan regularly
  • work on bench cover
  • knit a replacement pillow/case
  • prepare snacks in advance (cookies and coleslaw)
  • finish a bottle sculpting project
  • finish knitting slippers, then felt
  • hire someone for a project
  • sort my bills
  • pay off a debt
  • meditate regularly and make progress
  • build a routine for laundry
  • build a routine to complete dishes
  • write more recipes and practice new recipes I’ve written
  • have fun

This is just last month and this week.


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