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mlarmalade still waiting on grades

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So, tomorrow is the due date for a rather large research paper. Apparently, when the paper was assigned I felt like being a complete troll, so I changed the due date on all of my information to today, and wrote it in block letters on my calender.
And I totally forgot I did it. I honestly thought that today was the due date, so last night when I got home from a social outing, I went to town finishing up the final revisions on the paper, and got to bed by 11. When I showed up to class everyone was like “Wow, you’re really disciplined for getting done a day early” and I was like “WHAAAAAAAT??”
I guess it worked, because I got the chance to fix all of my exhaustion-induced typos and formatting errors. Clean copy, being turned in tomorrow. I’m not sure that I could pull it off again, I guess the key is forgetting that you’ve done it, and I’m just too proud of myself now to do that. It was pretty crazy though. xD


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