Write 100 things I love about My Boyfriend.

I love: His smile, eyes, hair, the way he makes everything feel like it will be alright, his gorgeous body, his laugh, when he is nervous he jumps, he can make me smile even at the worst of times, he is a superstar, he never gives up, he can carry me anywhere :D he has taught me a whole new way to look at life, he is so positive, he gets along with my family so well, he knows what all my face expressions mean, he gives the best cuddles, he sits up with when I’m scared, he looks after me and brings me flowers when I’m sick, he is so sexy and dorky at the sane time, he has dreams for his life, he gets shy, he goes for carlton, he has the kindest heart I’ve met, he is such a gentleman, he would do anything for me & has proved it, he has stayed true to me for 2 years, i tell him everything and he always understand, but my favourite thing is he is my best friend & also my lover <3



I want to:
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