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The store "Target" should really pay me every time I talk about them

I speak highly of the company, for the sheer fact that I can get “dirt cheap” merchandise. They are competitively priced. Although I brought two items today that I will be returning because I found even cheaper prices @ Amazon.

Technically I could rant about the long term effects of America’s dependence on foreign trade (of goods) and how this country may deteriorate as a result of this dependency. But then I will get myself all depressed about something I have ZERO control over.

Here’s a 5 minute video about the “High Cost of Materialism”!

Anyway I don’t worry about these things as often as I used to because well, frankly, I does me little good. So on that note, I will praise Target for all it’s worth & believe that because I am willing to recommend them to just about everybody, they ought to give me a “reward” for all of my free advertising. :-D



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