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Virtual Eavesdropping..

I’m not sure if we can call it that but I don’t know how else to put it. Background; I missed him very much, hated him for not reciprocating the feeling and out of curiosity as to how he is and what is happening in his life I opened his account and shamelessly snooped (I know I probably violated his privacy but by giving me his password didn’t he sort of give me an NOC, moreover we haven’t talked in three months and in my mind that alone justified my actions)
Well anyway I found out you’ve been having a real hard time and it has been going on for a while now and now that I know that I feel guilty for hating you all the while for not giving me time while you quietly suffered thousands of miles away. I feel bad for you, really bad but honestly that doesn’t justify not talking, you could have confided in me and would have found endless support yet you chose to ignore me like you always do..
Most days I feel sorry for myself but today its not that easy, today you’r giving me competition for my own sympathies. Today you make me want to forget all my notions of self-respect and pick up the phone and call you. Why, oh why do you have to make life that much harder for me?


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