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dtanja accepts the challenge

lose weight (read all 6 entries…)
gain power and lose weight

The question is not if you can lose weight.
You know you can.
The question is how you can gain power to say no and focus on your goal.

How you can do that?
By doing small steps each day.
And if you fail. Don’t worry. Just continue next day!

So how to start.
First get only healthy food in your kitchen.
Second go out and walk, run, sprint, enjoy in nature.
Third go to sleep soon enough (you need at least 8 hours)

Can you do it for one day?
Can you?

Cheer if you did it!!!!


dragonfly53 I can & I will succeed!!!


Good entry. Wish you all the best of luck in achieving your goals.

PepperyJasmine is enjoying my dog and my fiance. and looking for a job.

japanese saying

there is a japanese saying, “it’s better to take a small step forward, then a giant leap and fall backwards”

just do something small everyday and in a few months you’ll be amazed by the progress you’ve made!


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