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Fun sometimes seems like a four letter word to me, but I want the last six months of my twenties to be fun. Any ideas?

I’m hoping my non-existent friends will either throw a surprise party for me or will go out with me on my birthday. I’m not holding my breath and am already feeling kind of sad about the eventual let down.

Tomorrow I’ll post on FB that it is six months until my birthday, in case anyone wants to plan anything. Anyone? Anything? I don’t have a good history of being happy on my birthday, but I really want this one to be special. I’m looking forward to my thirties and I want to start the decade out on a high note.


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So why don't you make your own great day?

You should think about something you have always wanted to do or wanted to go and make it happen.

What would your most awesome birthday feel like? It is YOUR birthday . . . make it what you want it to be!!! I always do. I am not about to leave MY special day to chance, you shouldn’t either!!!

girl's night out

I think my perfect birthday would be a movie and drinks with the girls, but it’s been at least 10 years since I’ve had a girl’s night out. I’ve tried to put a few together before and no one is ever interested. I think all of the women I know see me as an acquaintance and not a friend, so I’m not really a priority to them.

That sucks, I'm sorry.

It’s so hard to make friends with women. It seems like if you don’t keep your best friend from school, you won’t get a chance to make a new one!! I stay in touch with my college roommate, and she with me, for exactly that reason.

Wish you were closer. A movie and drinks sounds like fun. : )

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Hey Wundergrl,

First of all, 30’s truly is the new 20’s. Hence, do not feel sad that your 20’s are getting over.

Having said that, it is definitely a milestone you are going to attain. Hence, it deserves special attention.

As your life experiences may have taught you, especially in the last few years of becoming a more independent person, that life is best when we take charge of it and take responsibility for our own happiness. On that note, how about you decide to make the next 6 months memorable in your own special way? You can pamper yourself by doing things you love, things you always wanted to do but never dared to, and do some soul-searching on what you have learnt in past decade, what makes you happy and how can you go closer to your life goal in the next decade.

Make it a point to do one pampering thing a week (get a manicure / listen to favourite music while going to bed, etc), start taking greater care of yourself (fitness, skin care, nutrition, mental peace), look around you to have nurturing relationships and make an effort to be there person you want to be.

At this juncture, you would notice you have evolved in the past decade and some of the things you used to like and people you used to hang out with, are becoming difficult to connect to. Try to politely move on, and make an effort to socialize with people who suit your interests and lifestyle.

Most of all, spend five minutes every day to thank God for giving you an opportunity, a luxury to celebrate last six months of 20’s. In a world full of catastrophs, health disorders, lack of access to bare minimum living standards, you are blessed to be alive.

Have fun!

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you know

If I lived there, I’d so be there :)

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