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Absnasm is mostly elsewhere.

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Positives 17 March 2012

I have been having a truly horrible time lately. Just awful, and I can’t talk about it online (sorry). So I need to start doing these again.

1. I love my job(s)! They are so interesting! I don’t even mind getting up in the morning.
2. A great morning at work. It’s good to feel useful.
3. Had a good idea for two birthday presents.
4. Was able to help L out this afternoon when she was ill.
5. Bumped into Y in town and handed L over to her.
6. G said I was a good friend and came to me at the cafe, and we had a nice chat.
7. A woman gave me her parking ticket so I didn’t have to pay parking.
8. A great workshop with six clubbers inc one newbie, and two of my regulars were super-enthusiastic about my work.
9. A productive and honest chat with N from the cafe about my arrears – says he may be able to cut them in half and halve my future rent, which would make it more feasible for me to carry on running the workshops.
10. Y said D said I had beautiful skin. Aw!
11. Supportive and lovely text and messages from friends.


calypte excited about 2014!


this is the start of things getting better (((((((((((Abs)))))))))

Absnasm is mostly elsewhere.

God, I really hope so. Thanks (((((((Calypte)))))))

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