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Eclipse *Never let the loved ones or things fade away*

i am a demigod (read all 63 entries…)

I am getting paranoid everyday!! Random people are stalking me and i need answers why did is happening!!! I mo I have been saying this for a while but, we demigods, have to end the Titan war. I have been getting so many visions another this for a long now! I am also still wondering if I am child of Zeus or Nyx
or not. Well I am going to think and practice my Greek now. Well bye …


Dragonspirit the teenage Smilodon

Yeah, I’ve been pretty paranoid too.. :( For all the same reasons…

Eclipse *Never let the loved ones or things fade away*

I am even more paranoid, seeing weather I am Wiccan or not!! I am dying to know!! Once when I do I will discover if I am a child of Zeus or not!! :3

Dragonspirit the teenage Smilodon

Well, Wiccan is a religion that (usually, mind you) focuses on two or three major gods and goddesses in their lives. They can be very respectful to the planet and try and do things to help the inhabitants. (Usually animals.) They also can do things to help the planet itself. Now, notice the CAN’S AND USUALLY’S. I am not Wiccan. I have almost no idea what they are ‘all about.’ But, my friend Abbie, IS wiccan, so she occasionally tells me HER opinions.
Others may have different ones, so forgive me if you think my information is off.
So, basically, if you want to be Wiccan, then… Poof. You are. It’s a great thing in America called ‘Freedom of Religion.’ :D
So, yeah…
P.S. Sorry if I come off as rude… I don’t have those impulses telling me what’s rude or not. I’m an Aspie. :C

(This comment was deleted.)

Dragonspirit the teenage Smilodon

I didn’t say that being Wiccan had anything to do with it or not, I was just stating that it’s a religion.
I’m sorry if I offended you in any way, I can’t tell if I’m being rude or not, since I myself don’t have that sense. :/

Alumynn Ashes, ashes, we all fall down...


I know the basics, but can someone explain the Titan war to me, and how demigods can help?

Thanks! :)

Um…Titan War?


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