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Weekly: Go to the YMCA 3x or more (read all 13 entries…)
I've been doing pretty well with this.

Going at least 3x a week for the past month or so; mostly running, starting to think about strength training and maybe swimming, eventually. Fell off the wagon a couple of times, but I feel like I’m back in the habit of going regularly. Early morning is the best time, I’ve found; I don’t have to pay for parking if I’m done before 9 AM, and it just makes my whole day better. I also have some (vague) plans and future goals, which help motivate me, such as (maybe) running a 5K and also lifting weights regularly.

ALSO! MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH! I finally (today) did some strength work in the Big Boy weight area. :) Where I was the only woman lifting! I even took some risks and figured out the cable station etc. I didn’t lift anything particularly heavy yet – that will come in time – but I did my whole routine there and didn’t get scared. Felt awkward a few times because there’s a real shortage of open space in the area (it’s hard to figure out where to stand if you’re not making use of a bench). I liked it though, and I can’t wait to get more comfortable/efficient with my routine so that I can really start to work hard.


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