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Fight Club and The Cather in the Rye

For those of you that have read by The Catcher In The Rye by S. D. Salinger and have either read Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk or seen the movie based upon the book. Do you think Fight Club has the potential to become the new The Cather In The Rye?

Do you think that Fight Club has the potential of taking on a similar tendency of being a book that killers become obsessed with as has been the case with The Catcher In The Rye?


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did read both

though I don’t really remember “Catcher in the Rye”.

I love “Fight Club”, book and movie. It says so much about how distanced we are from anything real.

I don’t think that it will become the anthem of serial killers, because at the bottom, it is more a book about seeking life and connection and meaning than it is about anarchy and disconnection.

The first real move away from disconnection was when Bob is killed. He actually feels that, and cares. Then, the reality of what he is doing sinks in, and he starts to see the truth about his dual nature, and starts to mend the gap between his two sides.

I always found it to be about Tyler starting off being disconnected, but growing towards connection. After all, he reconnects with both sides of himself and reconciles them in the end. The end of the movie actually feels like the beginning of his real life for me.

It is totally possible that disturbed people would only focus on the anarchy and disconnection.

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... first of all I was unaware that killers were obsessed with catcher in the rye. Are they???
Personally I hated it. The self obsessed whining of an adolescent twat – very boring.
They really don’t compare for me… I loved Fight club & became very obsessed with it (the film more than the book) and have watched it close to 80 times. I think its about mental illness. The very best cinematographic depiction of a nervous breakdown I’ve ever seen.

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Not really

It’s gained kind of a mythology as a book killers were obsessed with, but the evidence regarding it is tenuous at best. The only person definitively tied to it is Mark David Chapman.

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What she said…that’s totally what I wanted to say, and well said!!

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I’ve read both “Catcher In The Rye” and “Fight Club”. I’ve enjoyed both books and I don’t see either of them as being big motivators for serial killers. There will always be people who look to something as justification for their own causes, but other than isolated cases I can’t see either of these books creating a slew of killers.


Not so much that they would motivate a serial killer but I have a feeling that they are the types of books that a serial killer may become obsessed with from how they both deal with outcasts that feel cast out from the world. Although unlike in Catcher In The Rye, Fight Club goes a bit farther in giving a few suggestions of how to consider putting one’s feelings into action.

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I Suppose

But can’t the same case be made for comic books like X-Men who as mutants are hunted, or even the Bible which has many tales of seeking vengeance and smiting those who go against God’s will?

I've read

The Catcher in the Rye and watched Fight Club, it’s on my reading list whenever I get it and have time to read.
I think that murderers can connect to the characters and that’s why they become “obsessed” but I don’t think that murders or crimes are a direct result of books. (Normally)
I think that Fight Club already has such a widespread following that it wold be hard to find someone who doesn’t list it as one of their favorite movies or books.

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