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Fall In Love

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Fall In Love

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Fall in Love

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Fall in love (read all 2 entries…)

I’m only 21 , but I’ve sort of stopped believing in love .
I dated someone for 3 years and we were so serious and had our entire lives planned out , together .
When that went to hell I just sort of stopped believing .
I just want to believe in something again .


What you'll learn in love...

I wanted to comment on your post, because I’ve been in your spot a few times in my life. Thought I met the person I’d spend the rest of my life with, only to have my fantasy romance come crashing down. But the thing you just don’t realise yet, is that the relationships that don’t work out are meant to happen. They prepare you for the person you’re evolving to be, and prepare you for the person you are meant to end up with.

Here’s a blog I wrote on breakups and how they really are blessings in disguise…


Sending you light and love, from one stranger to another.


This actually means a lot , sometimes all you need is to hear someone tell you it’ll all be okay.

Breakups happen and I'm slowly starting to get that .. I've dated other people, and also realised the breakup was for the best and has made me grow , but sometimes I just feel like I'm growing to be with my first again .

I’m just hoping someday I’ll realise this is all just preparation for the right person !

Thanks (: I realllly enjoy your blog also !

Jessica .

Spencer Crews is thinking of you :)

Don't stop.

Do you believe in a happy ending?
Because I do believe.
If you are not happy right now, trust me, it is not yet the ending of your love story.

~Spencer :)

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