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Last time I asked a question here it was because I was sick of my country. Today is similar yet different: I am tired of my work field. I work in arts and culture. Sounds fun no? Except it is pretty much all about money. Everything is but the problem with the arts & culture industry is that a lot of people in it think it should not be. To put it bluntly: they (I am talking about mostly artists here but also quite a few managers) believe that their work is highly relevant for society but that society (i.e. money etc.) should not be relevant to them. That it is up to the rest of society to provide the financial context for them to function. Leaving aside the artists I know who do have a healthy attitude towards financial responsibility, at least to sustain themselves. With the current budget cuts in the sector and the political landscape turning against ‘us’, the self-centred indignation has only increased. And I am sick and tired of it.

And so I: a) thank you for putting up with my grumpy rant so far, and b) ask you to suggest a new area for me to work in. Some know – about – me a bit, others can get to know me through my goals, profile and blog. Bring it!

Thanks ;-)

EDIT: Oh yeah, thanks gottawonder! Maybe it would help to explain what I do now. I write funding applications most of the time. I am pretty good at those by now. This does not mean that I need to necessarily continue doing it because it is exactly here in the land of funding opportunities that the world becomes all whingy-whiny. :-/


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I have no idea

what you do in arts and culture. Do you promote artists, or get them grants, or…?

So, here’s the other part. Do you want to keep working with artists, but in a way where money really isn’t a factor? Or do you want to get away from artists altogether, or do you want to work with neither money or artists?

If you want to keep working with artists, but where money isn’t involved, maybe you could work in a community art center, where there are lessons and shows, and maybe a gift shop, but people aren’t professionals. You’d have to take a pay cut and learn how to write grant proposals.

Maybe you could work with an arts counsel for your city, creating art venues and festivals, where sales isn’t the goal, just showcasing culture.

If you don’t want to work with artists, but like other aspects of what you are doing, then keep doing your job, but instead work with small business owners, or in advertising or something.

Maybe you could shift to working with more practical craftspeople, and work with an organisation like The Marquis Project or Ten Thousand Villages. Yes, it’s art/crafts, but these people have a firm understanding of finances, and the relationship between the market and sales. They don’t take money for granted.

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Thanks for responding!

Good questions. As you can see I edited the question somewhat now.

I like the idea of working with crafts people. They’re more practical. I like that. :)

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Same stuff

They’re nice suggestions, thanks! Unfortunately I am not all that diplomatic but that’s okay. It is actually a field that I have worked in for a while and not something where I would want to build my career. :D I’d be good at writing press releases and all that but I would be absolutely stunningly BAD at going to receptions and drinks-do’s to meet people and chat them up into publishing my shit and getting people interviews and everything. That’s a large part of what a communications person does and I totally suck at that. :-/

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