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A Little Practice

I selected a style of calligraphy that I liked and want to learn. Lately I’ve been practicing this style whenever I need to write something, like a shopping list. I need to remember the correct shaped of the letters which are a bit different to my usual handwriting. I’m not too concerned with the correct pens at the moment, I’ll work on them when I have the style improved.


Josh ...and life just rolls on like a river.


When I was in middle school growing up, my handwriting was horrible, to say the least. I’ve always had trouble with making consistent circles and loops, and the normal cursive writing that was taught in school was all about loops and such (though, from what I’m told, they don’t even teach cursive at all anymore in schools… it’s just print and then on to typing now). My mom signed me up for a calligraphy course over one summer and I learned to writing in a style of calligraphy called Chancery, and that is how I’ve written ever since for all my handwriting (with some personal modifications I’ve made over the years to make it faster to write). What type of calligraphy are you studying?

Thanks for your comment Josh!
How great of your mother to enrol you in class, I find so many people have awful handwriting and they just simply don’t seem to care. Such a pitty.
I have been learning the Copperplate style, as it is similar to what I learnt as a child, and therefore my regular handwriting style.
I know I should venture out a bit more to something more unique, but for the moment I am happy mastering this art!

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