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1. More rec stuff today. Also my new boss spoke about how in the rec review I get to talk to the boss of the centre. I’ve already chatted with him, people seem to know my name and what I’m doing quite a lot especially people at the top. Not too sure if that’s good or bad.
2. I’ve not spoken to anyone in the business but no one has tried to speak to me which does make me think that really I wasn’t a part of it.
3. We we all laughing today
4. Need to be more like GW really
5. Not a lot done and it’s my bad :( but then I shouldn’t complain because again my bad.
6. Negativity pushes people away but normally I come across as positive and happy go lucky with just a tint of sadness



Maybe…but you usually end up making me smile :)

john_swale is just gonna go

well that is something

Honestly if I can say I’ve done something to make a person smile then that is a victory. People don’t smile enough.

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