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Spatz .☆.☆.What a wonderful life.☆.☆.

Give 10 KIVA loans (read all 10 entries…)
Loan six (or seven)

I was able to make my sixth loan today (or my seventh, as Kiva counts the one loan that expired).

It goes to Mohamad, a blacksmith in Lebanon.

Good luck, Mohamad!

I added my loan to team 43Things.

Mohamad is a 31-year-old married man and father of two children. Thirteen years ago, Mohamad started his own business. He is a blacksmith. This business is highly requested in his region, that’s why Mohamad had to keep his business updated through buying special products with encouraging prices. With the help of a loan from Kiva partner Al Majmoua, Mohamad will be capable of doing it. These products will increase his income and will improve his family’s living. Mohamad is a hardworking man with a good reputation. Most of his customers are neighbors, friends and relatives. He has been an Al Majmoua borrower for two cycles. His previous loan helped a lot in improving his business. Mohamad is a goodstanding borrower.

Free loan trial: http://www.kiva.org/invitedby/silvia3813


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