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joie de vivre I'm back now

garden (read all 13 entries…)
Beautiful sunny day

Pulled weeds, sure, but also:

Planted basil – standard Italian and then something labeled “spicy”. Put their little clear mini-greenhouses on, because while the days are warm, nights are still cold.

Repotted my jade plant that Rose grew last year in Horticulture class and then the Hen and Chicks I got for my birthday. Both had completely overgrown their pots.

Planted a bunch of flower seeds from packets I had bought in years past and never planted. Sometimes I get over-enthusiastic with seed buying. The packets are all at least two years old, but either I plant them or throw them away. Better to plant, as I still could get some germination. The packets were sweetpeas, cosmos, and petunias. We shall see what we get.

Fertilized the tomatoes I planted last weekend. It’s about time.

Not quite “garden”, but cleaned up the fake flowers that are in the fake milkman carrying bins that are on the porch. Threw away the ickiest ones. They look better now.


Collectorofcats If you try being original, you can bet on being copied.

I get over enthusiastic when it comes to seed procuring also

I have flower seed packets that are years old and unlikely to ever get planted and even seeds I’ve taken from flowering plants in past years that went to seed and I’m not even sure what kind of flower they are now.

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