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user16655 Struggling between doing more search or to actually get things done

stop procrastination
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Looking back, it seems like I’m a bigger procrastinator now that I work from home then I was when I used to held a “real job.” I hated the “real job” though… not even the job but having to be at an office even the times that there was NOTHING TO DO. Back then I see that I had little to no dreams or real aspirations in life. I’m trying to find some sort of resources that I can use.

Some of my peers have recommended project management software, mind maps, or to simply jot down notes on a piece of paper. This has helped me in getting a better picture of how to develop what I’m trying to do. However, I keep on putting things for “later.” how can I shake myself to actually get things done?


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So how’s this going? The project idea sounds like somthing I woukd suggest and try and do myself during down time at my work.

When I set my heart and mind I achieve allot but sometimes life changing things arnt the only decisions to be made!

I work as a firefighter and do things that need doing then and there in the workplace and when on a job…...........but I am a prime candidate for this goal often outside of work the small things can pile up! Ha!

I even frustrate my self at times! It’s so dumb!

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