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learn to walk in high heels (read all 2 entries…)
Ahh why it's so hard!

Just browsed an online shopping site and there are soo many gorgeous high heels! I wish I could wear them! But I still can’t walk on high heels even I’ve been practicing it for many days. My feet hurt really bad when I walk on high heels and I feel as if I’m falling down at any second…


SimplicityInTheLBC "Energy and persistence conquer all things." - Ben Franklin

Part of it

is that you’ve got to strengthen your ankles! If you can’t walk on the balls of your feet all day without heels, then trying to do it with shoes on is going to hurt too :)

It’ll get easier, I promise. Been wearing 3” heels nearly every day for some years now, and barely notice anymore.

Simplicity is right, you’ve got to strengthen your ankles (and also the balls of your feet, and everything else…). If your feet are hurting, that’s a good sign, because it means that muscles are being used that you don’t usually use, and that pressure is being placed on parts of the foot that don’t normally have pressure on them, and they are adapting. Keep on walking and standing in your heels, don’t give in and wear flats, and before long you will have adapted successfully and further pain will be minimal or non-existent.

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