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~ Always Free to Choose ~ trying out a new name here. need strength 2 find me as God purposed me

Craft a jar of compliments (read all 5 entries…)
not exactly

done in love, but I did it. I ordered rose petals. The most affordable and decent looking ones were scented, so here’s fervently hoping they smell nice and not overpoweringly well overpowering! lol
Worst case, I can give them away or make a craft with them for someone or something or the other. And get different ones.

But I think in an effort to honor this goal, I need to start this now. Before said little petals arrive. I don’t care if they are strips of junk mail or words cut out of newspapers. I may not have much around to start with, but I had better start if I hope to keep what little I have left of me right now!

and now I’d really better go take that nap. Loss has moved through discouragement, sadness, frustration, exasperation, giving up, and now to anger. lol

running to my dreams to give me strength to live my day,
~ cf

hey, we can’t all be stellar all the time, right?


buffalosnowangel "being a hero has its price."

go cf!

I love this goal, and can’t wait to read more on it. Based on the number of people joining you, I’d say you can add inspirational, trend setting and empowering to your jar!

~ Always Free to Choose ~ trying out a new name here. need strength 2 find me as God purposed me

I almost missed this somehow...

wonder what’s up with the notifications. As I looked at what you wrote, I thought “empowering? really?!” big smile. :D

thanks, E!! I don’t suppose we could persuade you to join us? No pressure, but there’s plenty of space for your jar too on our shelf of friendship. :) I think you’d be surprised at how much it helps. I know I am. With being beaten down so much by others around me right now, this is something I need. If these things are true, then the truth sets you free, right? I don’t want to stay near abuse forever, but while I find a way out, I think this is one thing that will help me. I hope so!

Just know there’s a bunch of us here that would be more than willing to help you start your jar. ;)

buffalosnowangel "being a hero has its price."

I'll think about it!

It’s a tempting thought.

~ Always Free to Choose ~ trying out a new name here. need strength 2 find me as God purposed me

well then... here's hoping

that the perfect little jar, wait no, BIG jar :) yes, comes across your path sometime this week or so…. and then you’ll know if this is not a bad temptation but a good one. ;)

quick anyone know her address???? lol just joking. but know I do believe in you. :)

~ Always Free to Choose ~ has gotten 7 cheers on this entry.


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