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April 2012
Apr.8Trimmed bushes, sprayed with Image in back. Rained later in the day though.
Apr.23Ran Mitsukaze in the back and north side of house, seemed to run for a few hours. Removed grass with edger/trimmer around tree in back. Weeded a little in front. Edged/trimmed. Found 3 ant hills: one near tree in front on south end of yard, one between mailbox and driveway, and one in back near patio. Trimmed bushes a bit around driveway and front of house. Image seemed to do a decent job on the poa annua. Had water turned off while I was away. Bushes showing a little dryness. Also, I noticed the oak tree in the back has cracks in the bark. I’ll need to check if this is normal. Based on a quick search on Google, this doesn’t seem to be oak wilt as the tree otherwise looks very healthy. Could be freeze damage or rapid growth not giving the bark time to expand. This oak is the biggest of the three oaks.


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