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GrayPyre is trying really hard.

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Starting to see it

Im just starting to see the definition I’m looking for in my arms and shoulders and it’s really encouraging! I know I’m going to have to start tightening up my diet more and doing more exercise at home to get where I want to be but I know I have it in me.
The hard part is dealing with having other people in the house to feed and their schedules to deal with.
To make it even harder the only things my husband ever wants to suprise me with are sweets and junk food. It really blows me away sometimes, the man has watched me struggle for over three years to lose 100lbs and get my body back to where I want it and he still wants to shove cookies down my throat. I could so go off on a tangent here…


Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars


Congratulations on your progress. It takes dedication and effort to maintain weight loss, as well as to bring out definition. I can definitely empathize with you about family giving you food as gifts. Even though my parents were very supportive of my weight loss, they would give me this huge bag of groceries for my birthday and Christmas things I like including marinated artichokes, but things that aren’t conducive to weight loss. I finally had to tell them to stop buying me food as gifts. They still do sometimes like when my mom recently bought me some flavored licorice, but it’s a lot better than what it had been.

Good luck with your continued efforts, and I hope that you are able to avoid the temptations that your husband provides.

HippieChick2 ♥ Part Deux ♥ 2014 is our year to FLOURISH!!!♥

I think that for so many people Food is Love

Maybe that is where your husband is coming from. Perhaps you should mention that love is a shiny apple? (or something to tht effect)

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