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What a wonderful...

...getaway I’ve just come back from. I know, I know – it seems like I do nothing but frolic and roam the earth, but I promise this is my last getaway until June when I go on my annual vacation with my best friend.

Long story short: Thirty ladies from my church rented two houses on a nearby lake and we have spent the past three days having a marvelous time, laughing and shopping and eating and doing all sorts of things that ladies love to do. For me, (that this will come as no surprise) that meant chiefly relaxing. Ohhh, it was spectacular! I was in charge of lunch on Monday (which was, I admit, just a bit nerve-wracking; there were 30 of them, and some of them are amazing cooks in their own right) and breakfast yesterday and today, and snacks for the entire trip. Now, I’ve gotta be honest, aside from lunch, it wasn’t nearly as much work as you’d imagine. They set up teams to actually get everything ready for the breakfasts, so all the running around like a crazy person all last weekend doing prep certainly paid off.

When I wasn’t getting yelled out for laying out plates of cookies, I was curled up in a comfy spot reading a book or chatting with one some of the finest people I know. A lot of them went out shopping all day, but not I – I set my mind to rest, and rest I did. Ah… Divine!

And one very unexpected, but very much appreciate residual bit of lovely happened after I got home a few hours ago. My mother was on the trip as well, and as you may or may not know, our relationship has hit a rough patch for the past, oh… I dunno… 12 years or so. Well. Everyone adores her. And I have to tell you – she’s an excellent lady. Anyway, after we got home and were sitting on the couch relaxing a bit and chatting about the trip and all the wonderful conversations and fellowship that took place, we fell into into a pretty long and healing conversation of our own.

We covered everything from menopause (when I swear to God I thought she was losing her mind), to where our relationship went sour, to how we both want it to be better, and what we can each do to move in that direction.

All in all, it’s been a lovely few days, and I’m happy and tired (what?! I said I relaxed, I didn’t say I slept an awful lot) and going to lay down for a nap so I’ll be fresh as a daisy (well…fresher…) when I get together with an old friend tonight that I’ve not seen in a decade or so.


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