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wake up earlier (read all 2 entries…)

I am the biggest sleep lover ever.
When I’m sad – I sleep.
When I’m happy – I sleep.
When I’m energetic – I sleep.
When I’m tired – I sleep.
I sleep at school.
I sleep at home.
I sleep at my friend’s house.
I can sleep for 18 hours non-stop. At first I thought that it’s because of my anemia, but now when I am cured I really pissed off because of this habit.
I really love mornings, it’s the best part of the day, but usually I oversleep them…
Today I decided to wake up early (earlier than I used to) at 8am.
I heard my alarm clock, opened my eyes but never got up.
I did wake up at 9 o’ clock, but my goal was 8 o’ clock so I’m pretty sad.
It is even worse when I need to go to school or somewhere I just can’t open my eyes. Add it’s not like I have some disease or something it is because I am lazy!
Since I started exercising I decided to wake up earlier and go for a run, because in the evening I don’t have time left…

I shouldn’t punish myself right?
Let’s say I’m happy that now is 09:48am and I am up already!


jvtdc Getting off of my butt and getting something done!

Baby steps...

You need to start somewhere and then work on getting better. It is really hard to just jump in and do anything and be successful and keep it that way… Be happy with 9, keep it there for a few days, and then go for 8:45. Maybe that will help.

Paper_Cake is meditating

Thank you this actually helped :)

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