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Know what I hate even more than people whistling ?

People whistling with their fingers in their mouth. Makes more noise. Some guy did that next to me a couple of hours ago and my ears are still in shock…

By the way, I turned down the heating system at the booth-tique today because of how much noise it makes. Made me wonder how I’ve been putting up with it 7 hours a day for the last 3 weeks. No wonder my ringing’s a mess. It’s like working with a hair dryer next to you. I should really start looking into other jobs… Well, mister M’s back from his vacation in two days, meaning I won’t have to be working in the booth-tique again (I hope).


Spyrunner I'm back

This last

year I learned to whistle with my fingers. It scares off the geese in my path more than a silly walk (which a co-worker saw and commented on).

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