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I wish I could tell my parents about magic, my mom still thinks I stopped 2 years ago. Can’t tell her cause she’s really religious and thinks its ” the devils work” if you know what I mean. And my dad, well he’s just my dad and if you have a dad you understand. When and if I get my wings soon, how do I tell them? Any ideas? I need help!


Wafflez Training all night long in magick

Well maybe if you get stronger in powers, maybe you can share images from your mind rather than words, and then they will understand that its just what your into, and, the devils work? Please, there are plenty of religuse people on here, and christions are no diffrent, i think, i personaly dont think theres one god :/ Actuly, im not even in a religion…...Time to make a choice i guess

。◕‿◕。 Sekiel Sora 。◕‿◕。 It's almost been 3 years :O

o you could tell them you are an angel…?

ugh, I hate when people assume they know everything. They treat assumption as fact and don’t do and research, wicca is treated/mistaken as satanic even though a two minute long google search well clearly say otherwise.


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