ugogrl thankful for the cheers =0)

May Bootcamp 2012: Keep it Simple (read all 17 entries…)
I hope that adding this goal without getting a formal

invite is okay. I read the “Keep it Simple” description & found it inviting :o) so I took it upon myself to add this goal. And it comes at a perfect time.

I have a move date slated for May 31 & I’m in the process of simplifying my life by de-cluttering & keeping only what I need. There are a number of goals in my personal life I need to reach or at least put myself on a path to seeing if I can attain somethings I’ve been longing for.

The moving process has been giving me a new perspective on life. Realizing that I’ve been holding onto “things” that have no place or purpose in my life. By donating my gently used items and purging the rest to various trash receptacles, I’m letting go.

Sleep and rest are not getting neglected, I need sleep in order to keep going the next day. My diet could be better but it’s not terrible.

All and all I’m feeling productive and excited about the future.


Gumersinda I'm back!

You are very welcome to share your thoughts and progress with all us.

Moving is a great oportunity to simplify things, declutter and make fresh starts. Good luck with it!

ugogrl thankful for the cheers =0)

thank you

Gumersinda :-)

So glad you joined us!


ugogrl thankful for the cheers =0)

me 2

Thank you

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