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Ru ~ dig deeper Chasing rabbits, falling down holes

do my taxes (read all 15 entries…)
Elephant shoes

Whew. That took much longer and was a great deal more stressful than it should have been, but after a slight bump trying to find our unused RRSP deduction limits and digging up secondary e-pass passwords, I finished and netfiled both returns this afternoon. By the time the words “return accepted” appeared on the screen it felt as though invisible elephants sitting on my head for months suddenly sprouted wings and flew away.

In the long run I worked out that the extra hassle required to deduct utilities for my workspace wasn’t worth the trouble (although it may be in the future), so I decided not to bother this year, but will save the proper paperwork in the future.

There’ll still be elephant shaped shadows floating around the ground until we hear back from the CRA, but I suspect they’ll get smaller and smaller and then wink out altogether. I’m pleased and relieved to be checking this off, especially since (for the most part) I did them myself, and in the long run we’re getting a decent refund back, which should help check off a savings goal as well.

So until next year… (when I may seriously consider getting someone else to do this) happy filing. May all your elephants be generous, well shod, and regular.


JWillow HaPpY EaSTeR EvErYONe! :-)

avoiding this

I’m yet to do my taxes too & avoiding it like the plague!

Good on you for getting in and tackling those Elephants Ru :-)

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