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Enjoy my life in 2012 (read all 12 entries…)
Being clearer about what "Enjoy my Life" means...

I’m realising that it needs to mean “Living Well, In Balance.”.
At the weekend I realised that although I have made so much progress with recovering my security and the sustainability of my way of life, I have still been behaving like a prisoner that hasn’t let it sink in that he’s ‘out’ and can live his own life again.
I need to learn that I no longer have to rush around trying to do everything, because otherwise I won’t be able to make ends meet or meet everyone’s expectations.
There is TIME. Time to both earn a living and live well and have healthy relationships with people I care about. I may still be in the final stages of stabilising, and getting into a routine that is much better managed and much more reliably followed is certainly the next very important step, but in a way, that’s about living well too.


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