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A month and 13 days done!!!!for now :)

1.Looks instead of just clothes.updated. liquids checked,sleeping on time given up :( ,exercising and upgrading for motivation everyday!! skin,developed a cleansing routine done.
4.posture and walking done and working on it
5.mental reinvention,feed right stuff in my head done.always looking at positive,ive actually developed a force that deflects negativity around me.I am chasing now from less negativity to more love.:)
6.Life focussing on priorities,yes I am.Also I ave realised what truely matters to me.Even in my days off 43 things and no net I have been productive with a list in my head
7.Spiritual reinvention.I am closer to God,nature,people and humanity in my heart.And yes I am happy.:)
8.I am still giving everyone a chance to come in my life,and have made 3 new friends.Two I am letting people who I love know that I love them.This has been fantastic.Protecting is till needed. :)
9.I learnt that once you look great,chase love and focus on priorities you become an overall better person to be around with.I have kind of become polite and sweet,and its easier for me to connect to people..Focus on intonation,emphasis on emotion doing that using the right words and precise words,not saying everything that comes in my head,trying to listen more :D ,and the geniune concern in voice,i have learned to give genine concern to people and what they need.I am trying to ask the right questions.I am trying to build people up instead of stay off the topic.

I have realised I am an activity person.I am better off hearing,walking,doing stuff and planning activities than talking.I need to work on keeping myself on time.But apart from that my reinvention list is complete.Yayyy!!!


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