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soap workshop

I’m beginning to run low on soap. My family has been enjoying my homemade soap for several months now, but we’re down to our last few bars and it’s time to plan to make more. The bars lasted very well, but I gave so much of it away that we didn’t have that many left over.

It occurred to me that maybe I have friends who would like to learn to make soap. So I sent out an e-mail to about thirty people I know from my church and offered to have them over for a workshop. I have no idea how many people might be interested. I’m hoping for something like 3-9 total, because that’s the number I think I can handle at once without becoming overstressed. If more than that want to join in, I’ll have to tell them there is no more space this time, but I’ll save them a spot at my next one.

There really isn’t that much to making soap. It isn’t rocket science. It isn’t really any tougher than making a cake. The difference is just that you need to understand how to handle the chemicals safely, and what the process ought to look like, and then fiddling with your precise ingredients and additives to craft a soap the way you want it.

I plan to have this workshop either late in May or early in June. Just some time after I get us moved in to the new place, and settled. I could have a few people over to my new home, or I could host a few more at the cabana, or I could possibly even do this at the Fellowship.

Maybe it seems a bit rash to plan another party when I haven’t even completed the one party and the one house move I already have planned. But I think my biggest problem isn’t overwhelm, it’s inertia. I need to be thinking ahead to something that will keep me motivated and social, and hopefully also having fun and being productive. If I keep living in the direction of my joy, everything will surely work out eventually.


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