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Reception Music

There was never even a discussion about this. They could have had some live music, or a DJ, but they chose to make their own Mix CD. I think the most difficult decision was the groom picking a song for the Mom-Son dance. I don’t even remember what the song was, and his mom didn’t care—she just wanted to HAVE a dance with her son.

Our daughter chose the song, Just Fishin’ for her Daddy-Daughter dance. It was awesome. They talked and danced and hugged and the photographer took some really sweet pictures of both dances.

(Next wedding, the Daddy-Daughter dance is Butterfly Kisses, so I’ll need tissues, but our sweet, red-headed Middle Daughter called dibs on that song the day it came out in 1997! She was in 4th grade. Eldest Daughter’s song is I Loved Her First. Oh, boy. I can’t even read those lyrics without sobbing. Her dad called her in October of 2006, after hearing a pre-release sneak preview of that song on the radio.)

Whoa, back to THIS wedding! The rest of the reception was filled with Bride’s and Groom’s favorite love songs. Groom did an excellent job with the timing and quality, and the sound system worked great, so everyone could hear without anyone getting blasted out.

My favorite part of the whole reception was dancing with my Dearest at our daughter’s wedding.

Ohhh . . . there was another, perhaps even sweeter moment:
Dearest’s mom has 2 prosthetic legs and is in a wheelchair. She wanted to stand up for the 4-generation photo with her mother, her son, and her granddaughter. My Dearest, lifted his mom to her “feet” and held her up while the picture was taken, then danced with her for the rest of the song that was playing. It was SO cute!!!!


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