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Little Piggy!!!

Okay, I’m really making a pig of myself. I haven’t eaten for about 7 hrs and am sooo hungry. Bought my kids pizza from Costco, which they shared some with their friends and a teacher, but they devoured a good portion of it off. Was sooooo hungry that I wanted to eat the 2 remaining pieces, but . . . BUTTTTTTT . . . I didn’t . . . I didn’t even lick the pieces. Yay for me!!!

Didn’t want to waste the gas to come home, so I stayed at the kids’ school, other than run errands near the school. Didn’t have any food in my purse. My bad. Poor planning.

Anyway, we finally got home about 7 pm, which wasn’t too long ago. I raced to the frig to reheat 4 chicken satays and cook up some brussel sprouts with bacon ends. So, I have this big bowl of sprouts and all these chicken satays. YUMMMMM!

Thank you God for helping me have self-control and only eat what I’m supposed to and not something I’m not supposed to. Yay! Yay! Yay!

My tummy feels just a bit smaller . . . with this choice. Okay, maybe not RIGHT at this moment because it’s getting full of satay and brussel sprouts.

Today I hit my lowest weight in a long time. I don’t remember being this weight since 2008, I think. I know definitely I was not here in 2010, so I could’ve been in here in 2009. Can’t remember.

Hoping by the end of May, as I continue to make good decisions about my sleep, eating, exercise, managing peace, supplementation that I will be at least 8 lbs scale weight less than where I am at now, if not 10 lbs. My goal bodyfat by the end of this month is 20% bodyfat. Never been there.


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