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I’ve been reading these recent posts, like everyone else here. it’s been quite a storm hun? Well, I think the posts only reflect mecanismes working when dealing with alcoholic people (meaning us all ; ) Denial is the most powerful… haven’t we all thought: ‘I wouldn’t drink if it was easier in my workplace?’ or ’ I wouldn’t drink if my relationship was better?’ or even ’ If she/he hadn’t said this or that, I wouldn’t drink…’ It takes often a long time to realize that we ALONE are responsible of our drinking or not. I so hated the person who opened my eyes. We still don’t talk to each other (cause she must have had so enough of my stupid drunken behavior), but with what she said, she got me out of my denial. It was like a 180 degree turning point. Instead of looking always outside for reasons why I drink, I just realized that it was all about ME, about inside. So, I am very greatful even if it was so hard to hear. She made me very agressive and I just wanted to defend myself – SHE was the one who was guilty – not me ;) We all know those feelings. The healing starts when we take full reponsability of our own failures and successes. Your destiny is entirely on your own hands. Take care here, this is such a great site. And the discussions which are going on here is just a reflect of this difficult addiction. And above all: stay sober! It will be 2 years this month and never felt better :)


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