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2 More Pounds!

Okay, I don’t know if the scale is off or what. I hadn’t even gone to the bathroom and wasn’t undressed, stepped on the scale 3 times and it said 192.4. I figure if I had at least gone to the bathroom and undressed, I would be at least 192 or 191ish. My starting weight was 217 lbs 14 weeks ago yesterday.

Actually, when I weighed yesterday morning, I was at 194. Last Saturday, when I take all my official measurements & stuff, I was at 196ish. That would be awesome if I could be at 191-92. That would put me at a release of 25-26 pounds!!! That’s still less than 2 lbs a week, but is getting me way closer to the goal I want when I finish the Spartacus program, which I have another 2-3 weeks left (have to makeup some workouts).

I’d really love by the time I finish all the workouts to be close to 185 lbs or less. If the pounds gone are for reals and it sticks tomorrow, despite me making a little pig of myself yesterday, that’s awesome.

Oh, after I wrote that “Little Piggy” entry, I was still wanting something else, so I ate a big thing of homemade chocolate pudding that had great protein & fat in it (avocado, unsweetened coconut milk, unsweetened chocolate, whey protein, banana, cinnamon). It was so rich and chocolatey. That really satisfied me and I didn’t have any guilt in eating it.

It’s great to be able to eat yummy, delicious foods, totally enjoying it AND be able to lose weight. Maybe the HIIT resistance workouts I did earlier in the week really helped, and that I took yesterday off to give my body rest. It’s all coming together.

Actually, if the weight was really that when I stepped on the scale (2-3 times), if that sticks for tomorrow, then I’m about at my halfway point of losing 52 pounds. Soooo very exciting.

Praise God!! Praise God! Praise God!


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