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Ru ~ dig deeper Singing in the rain...

do first things first (read all 874 entries…)
Nose in a book, toes in the weekend

I’m doing a Friday jig, happy that the weekend is here, although I’m still waiting for it to dry up. I finished the current project yesterday and have requested another, but until then I want to indulge in a bit of down time (Sun salutations? Curling up with a new book? Watching a movie?) before pouncing on my list.

We’re having some issues at school again after a couple of golden months, so we need to deal with that, as well as further plans for whittling down the storage room. I’m slowly but surely catching up with entries, and feeling a bit more on top of things, but it would still be nice to have a magical stopwatch for the day to day dregs. Some days it’s hard to see those dirty dishes as baby Buddhas, but I’ll try.

Happy weekends to all, there’s supposed to be a gorgeous moon if the clouds pull up their skirts long enough to see it.

  • Basic house maintenance (dishes, garbage, recycling, compost)
  • Laundry √ X2
  • Eat well, drink plenty of water, and take vitamins/supplements
  • Exercise/movement for 1 hour minimum
  • Flylady Mission of the Day: Webs and dustbunnies
  • Reading homework with Isak
  • Family game
  • Bath, bubbles, book
  • Downtime w/M
  • Continue March Happiness entries
  • Bootcamp: May entry
  • Read
  • Yoga/Wii fit+
  • New school plan
  • Return messages
  • Call back friends
  • Toss more clunky junk
  • Put away clothes/linens
  • Sort/restock change table
  • Plan fun rainy weekend things √ Lego store grand opening!
  • Check in with work (take on new project?) √ 2 new!
  • Pack for morning swim lesson, library, banking - 2/3
  • Plan Mikado overnight √ Tickets bought!
  • DVD/popcorn - Too tired, too full, tomorrow?


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