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jamiejsumner hey back on 43 things again

fall in love with the right guy (read all 2 entries…)
wrong guy or right guy

i wish i could say love gets esayer when you get older but it doesnt. people try to rush into relationships because there despret. if you despret and need a boyfriend/girlfriend you dont really need one, you want one. you would anything for a boyfriend but when it ends your heart broken and your depressed. you would say im ugly or im not worth of living on earth, dont say that stuff. you know what self estime is its what courages you of doing things. your just terring yourself down so if your heart broken today or anyday, you will find so many other guys in life and when you older and you look back at it you will be laughing maybe you will wonder what ever happen to him or her. but dont give up like that, ou dont need a boyfriend that tears you down. there are lots of nice guys out there, go for one of them. dont go for bad boys, all there gonna do is hurt you in the end-jamie



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