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Celebrate the super moon!

Last night we celebrated the super moon by driving out to one of our favorite spots on the North Shore and having a campfire & weenie roast. Surprised by clear weather and happily finding the entire spit empty, we made a stone circle, built a fire, and roasted smokies and washed them down with cold Dr. Pepper as the big, bright moon came up from behind the hill. We attracted a flock of curious Canadian geese and the conductor waved at us as his train passed by but other than that we were wonderfully alone.

Our favorite super moon is still the one just before Isak was born – walking along the Sea Wall hand in hand, my belly seemed as big as the moon (which was extraordinary!), knowing we were about to be thrown into an amazing new life beyond just the two of us.

It felt just right to be out enjoying it again, family in tow. Very memorable.
My hair still smells faintly of smoke and lunacy…


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Sounds like

a wonderful evening, Ru! :)

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