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New church!

Next Sunday we’re going to meet with the vicar at the new church we’ve picked out. We’ve pretty much decided against having it at the chapel in Oxford, so I’m really looking forward to it. I really hope that it all goes well, and that the vicar is nice. I am also kind of excited at the possibility of having a woman do the service… I think it’ll blow some of my Catholic family members’ minds. haha.
Once we decide on the service venue we can concentrate on the invitations. I think it’ll be best to get our RSVP’s before we start planning the reception since so many of the guests will be from abroad and we have plenty of time.
In the mean time, I’m hoping to go to Miami or Colombia to get my dress sorted. I pretty much know what I want (Ivory, A-line, off the shoulder) but haven’t found it at any shops so am still considering going the custom made route. Apparently, I can get it made pretty cheap in Colombia… for about 1,000,000 Pesos. Which with the exchange rate is about £350. Not bad!


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