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Kira Everything's coming up Milhouse.

Find time to relax (read all 3 entries…)
Relaxation when revising.

Remember to only spent one hour on intense revision before taking a big break.
Of course take very small breaks every 15 minutes.
But spend one hour revising and then at least 30 minutes doing something else.

Don’t go back to revising the same subject; change it up and study something else.

After revising one hour of a subject in one day, reduce amount of revision time in that day. Start with an hour, when you go back to it spend 45 minutes then 30 minutes, then 15 then 10 then 5. Finish that subject for the day.

Don’t focus on a whole subject, focus on specific areas. Make your first priority the areas that you are most unsure of. Spend more time getting as confident with those as you are with other areas.
Also focus more on the subjects you need to (e.g. I should focus less on English and more on ancient history because I’m getting passes in English and fails in ancient history).

Combine different ways of learning; auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. It’s hard to get kinaesthetic into a lot of revision but I’ve found reading aloud helps and also typing what I read down (even if it’s copying though changing it into your own words is good. Doing both is ideal).

Make sure you are comfortable at all times when revising.



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