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snowleopard I'm out of here! See you at the other place :)

Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful. (read all 400 entries…)
8th May grats

I’m grateful:

  • that my nosebleed happened while I was at home this morning, rather than at work, and that it reminded me that I hardly ever get them any more, whereas I used to get them all the time back in the days of my chronic hay fever
  • that the super-big quarterly meeting is over, my beans are counted and all in a row, and that the budget was approved with no questions asked, result!
  • for a giant box of rhubarb which chief brought back from his country pad after a certain amount of hinting one lunchtime ;) – about 5 of us took home big bags of it!
  • for sunshine on the way home – it was actually quite hot!
  • for tasty English strawberries and that I’ve managed not to eat them all



I am very snobbish about strawberries, they have to be English, yum yum!

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tikini wikini a fond farewell to 43Things


There must be many ways to enjoy it. Personally I am very very fond of rhubarb pie. And of course there is strawberry rhubarb pie. But the easiest way to enjoy rhubarb is to cook up a tart batch and have it warm on vanilla ice cream.

I guess if sweets are out so is rhubarb because on its own it is simply sour.

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aswedishlime I'm on 43Refugees and DayZeroProject!

Is all sugar bad?

Or are you just trying to moderate? Are you trying to control for diabetes?

I enjoy rhubarb, and find it wonderful. I usually leave the effort up to restaurants, but maybe this is the year I try to do something on my own.

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aswedishlime I'm on 43Refugees and DayZeroProject!

hmmm, got curious

and looked up savory recipes! Lots of ideas in these threads and blog posts:

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wembleyheads please keep in touch! :)

oh my good golly,

rhubarb with lentils! Honestly I had no idea there were savory rhubarb recipes. Like Wren, I avoid sugar, and am gonna look for rhubarb at the farmers’ market!! Yippee!

tikini wikini a fond farewell to 43Things

Probably any sweetener would work

Agave syrup, honey, stevia.

Honey has other health benefits so if it works for you honey is a good choice.

Rhubarb has a particular flavor and texture that I happen to truly love. It takes me back to my childhood when it was one of the many foods growing in the garden. The leaves are not edible, and that fascinated me as a child.


I like rhubarb

straight from the garden, and have since I was a child.

My daughter likes it raw too.

snowleopard I'm out of here! See you at the other place :)

I'm going to

make a rhubarb crumble this evening.

I see nobody else has mentioned crumble so maybe it’s a British thing? Recipe here although I’m going to add orange juice and chunks of stem ginger. Can’t imagine eating rhubarb any other way, although a colleague trumped me and said she makes rhubarb crumble ice cream – that sounds amazing!

Cloudberry is a tomato plant with her roots nestled in rich compost.

definitely a British thing

Americans eat cobblers – but mostly with soft fruit – and the equivalent of a crumble is a “brown betty”, usually with apple. There’s another word for it, but I forget. We may occasionally call it crumble, actually. But yeah, rhubarb crumble is something we’d never dream of, too bad!

красивейшая Богиня ♥ ♥

At a tangent, Cloudberry,

have you heard of a ‘coddled’ egg?

I made one yesterday. You cook them in the little dish, which usually look just like this one. First you butter the inside the ceramic coddler, crack in raw egg, add a little salt, then optionally cheese on top. Here’s a photo from the internet.

Cloudberry is a tomato plant with her roots nestled in rich compost.

I've heard of it...

but would not have been able to describe it to you.

will you make me one sometime? please please?

(This comment was deleted.)

calypte excited about 2014!


if you get that recipe, please do share!

My (and by ‘my’ I mean ‘my dad’s’!) rhubarb should be pickable soon – ooh, nom!! :)

And to add to the conversation: I stew my rhubarb (big casserole, 10mins in micro. Lazy!) and use it with ice cream (adds sweet) or yogurt (can be challengingly sour!), or with a crumble topping. If you want a natural sweetness, I often slice up some apples to stew with them.


you’ve hit on something mentioning rhubarb! I love it as a fool (stewed with orange, dark muscovado sugar and then the syrup reduced, add that and the pulp to Total yogurt) and definitely with ginger!

snowleopard I'm out of here! See you at the other place :)

I know!

Who’d have thunk there was so much passion for the ‘barb on old 43T eh? ;)

I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s takes on this and the sugar debate. I try not to eat too much sugar she says, scoffing another piece of crystallised ginger from the giant bag she bought on Monday but I make an exception for crumble.

Tried to make rhubarb fool once but it was disappointing and I didn’t manage to get much flavour out of it. Maybe I should have reduced the syrup. Mmmmm!


try that! Also make sure the yogurt has all the water strained off it before you put the other stuff in, or, if feeling indulgent, add some whipped cream too. Then just stir a minimal amount, swirling the syrup through it rather than beating it in

is now planning a trip to get rhubarb and yogurt

Dawn Treader Reclarify my goals while exploring a new relationship

I could eat rhubarb...

...until it came out of my ears..
  • stewed rhubarb
  • stewed rhubarb and custard
  • stewed rhubarb and cream
  • rhubarb crumble
  • rhubarb crumble and custard
  • rhubarb crumble and cream
  • rhubarb tart
  • rhubarb tart and custard
  • rhubarb tart and cream
  • rhubarb yoghurt
  • rhubarb and apple pie
  • rhubarb and apple pie and custard
  • rhubarb and apple pie and cream
    .... Got to go now, more later….

Collectorofcats No matter where I go in the future I'll remember 43 things.


Rhubarb is great on it’s own in a pie. I’ve been looking for my grandmother’s recipe which uses evaporated milk if anyone has a recipe for a one crust rhubarb pie using evaporated milk let me know.

rhubarb custard

My mom had a recipe for rhubarb custard pie that was to die for. I have it here somewhere. I live in TX now and it’s pretty impossible to get rhubarb.

Colleen_C_C MY 43THINGS ... February 13, 2006 - August 7, 2014

In my family

we called it “rhubarb crisp”—but I’m pretty sure it was really a “crumble,” if GoogleImageSearch tells me no lies. grin

No matter what you call it: enjoy! (Rhubarb season is far too short.)

Dreamdancer12 Getting on with it :)


We called it “crisp” as well. Favorites were strawberry/rhubarb/apple/raspberry/peach…. yep, ecclectic!

Oh, and btw, if you beat and egg and mix it through the rhubarb and let it sit about 20 min before adding the other fruit it cuts the tartness considerably and you only need about 1/5 the sugar you would otherwise…

(This comment was deleted.)

snowleopard has gotten 20 cheers on this entry.


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