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a start

Today I began a Seminar of History of Photographic Aesthetic. It is only 6 classes. I wanted to take a practical course of Photography but I couldn’t do the one I was planning to do because they changed the dates last minute, unfortunately. So I found this one on Sunday and it started today and I decided to do it.
I really enjoyed the first class, it was very interesting and it kind of opens a door for me. I am more and more interested in studying art, design and creative things. I think there is a lot for me to learn in these areas. I was always interested but I studied Communication Sciences and even though I learned a lot of interesting things it is a more intellectual career than a creative one, at least where I studied it, at the University of Buenos Aires.
Today I learned a lot of new things, a lot of photographers I never heard of and I loved it. I really look forward to my next class. :)

here is a photo by Marc Riboud


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