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SimplicityInTheLBC "Energy and persistence conquer all things." - Ben Franklin

turn my office into a usable work space, instead of a storage unit (read all 12 entries…)
Consolidating the sea container...

...is a filthy, annoying job. But I got quite a bit done today, and now you can even walk from the front to the back without having to step over anything! Mostly, I got rid of stuff (how many stupid woven baskets do we need?), and then I put like things together. I was surprised by how many “miscellaneous” boxes and bags were in there, when most of it actually has a home to go into. However, to be fair, I completely understand wanting to just throw a bag in there and shut the door.

I pulled costumes that may potentially be used for our upcoming concert, since I’ll be meeting with our choreographer tomorrow to discuss the show. Still haven’t put away everything from the Christmas show (AGH) but am slowly getting there. I still need to find some costume sets that I can SpaceBag as well – presumably stuff we won’t be using anytime soon.

Also note to self: put the winter show stuff in the FRONT of the sea container, since we use the same costume pieces EVERY YEAR. kthxbai.


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