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Signed up for classes

They will run May 29 to July 1. Five days a week. The morning classes are 8 to noon, and the evening classes are 1 to 5. I’m not sure yet which ones I want to attend (morning or evening). With my current schedule, both would interfere with my work schedule. I have a friend who is also a coworker, and I could see if she wouldn’t mind exchanging shifts with me. Would probably mean in her getting a lot more hours than me, but oh well.


Classes Done, Time to Drive

Five days of four-hour-long classes reminded me just how dreary high school was. Having graduated high school three years ago, I felt annoyed by the teachers lecturing us to be quiet and study the book. The classes themselves were horribly boring. But like usual, I excelled through everything. We had four tests a day and I passed every one the first time. I don’t expect that I was amongst the highest scoring students, but even if I was it doesn’t matter. I passed, that’s enough for me.

With that dreariness over, it’s phase two of the course: driving. For ten work days I will spend 90 minutes in a car with two other students and an instructor. For 30 minutes I will be driving. Driving shouldn’t be an issue for me since I already have several hours of experience in it. Still, it will refine my skills and get me my driver’s license.

My father offered to sell me his truck. I have mixed feelings about that. I don’t particularly like driving trucks. My depth perception isn’t all that good and I’m more practiced and thus comfortable in cars. I don’t even know if I can afford a vehicle right now! But I’ll probably accept, if only for the convenience.

This is perhaps the goal I’ve written the most about on 43 Things and at long last, after nearly two years, I’m about to bring this one to an accomplished close.

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